Who is Ron Alford?

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Ron Alford wearing telephone headset Experience and wisdom!

My company, Disaster Masters® was the designated disaster response firm in NYC for The Travelers, Hartford and a dozen other insurance companies.

I managed crises of every shape across America for the past 40 years.

Let me help you avoid your next crisis.

Ron Alford

Proactive Crisis Management Audits

Disaster Prevention Audits

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Is your company having a crisis? Crisis situations and disasters can be reduced and even prevented, with proactive disaster prevention audits.

Proactive audits teach senior management about key staff members, internal and external customers, facilities, governmental threats, and the organizational efficiencies before things go wrong.

Every organization in its staff, operations, facilities, neighborhood, supplies and contents contain far more vulnerabilities than the average person can see or know about.

I call these hidden situations Disaster Seeds™ — waiting for the right time to blossom into a full blown disaster. If not recognized and managed, any one of these events can end the existence of an organization.

These audits are like an annual physical checkup.

It is far better to find pending problems, than to try to fix damages.

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After I learn about your organization, I can provide you with an exact plan of action including scope, time frame and costs.

The best news about these audits is that they are almost always pay for themselves newly discovered efficiencies. Either in savings in wastes, operations — risk management in the form of reduced insurance costs.

Ron Alford

Proactive Crisis Management

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Ron Alford provides individuals and corporations with wisdom and a plan to manage almost any disaster.

The benefits received from Alford’s experience and thousands of on-site crisis management projects are priceless.

At some point in time, everyone, including you, will be involved in a crisis situation that will befuddle you to the max.

Until you learn how to manage your crisis, it will cost you more time and dollars than you will want to lose. If you are already over taxed with things to do, you may never fully recover from the event due to ignorance.

The BIG problem is that people and organizations in crisis DO NOT think, act or function as well as normal people.

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Ron Alford

Insurance Coach

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I provide people who understand the the benefit of quality coaching services with strategic information from 30 years of experience, wisdom, and the wherewithal to convey strategic information to empower you to the fullest extent possible.

You are provided with strategic information and suggestions to use in very specific, small steps to force the desired outcome you want and deserve in the shortest time possible. Favorable result for you are my goal.

My fees are reasonable, but quality information does not cost: it pays you handsomely by saving you time and grief.

Moreover, when you fail to present your case correctly and in a timely manner, it will cost you a lot more than your investment.

Contact me now to setup a coaching session with your insurance claim guy.

Ron Alford

99% of consumers call an insurance company’s toll-free number, or their commissioned sales agent after an accident or disaster.

Do you really expect an insurance company to help you collect thousands of dollars from them?

Insurance consumers receive free, biased advice, because they don’t know how to play the Insurance Claim Game.

You need a detailed plan to play and win the insurance claim game. Your time, sanity, money are at the mercy of strangers whose sole job is to protect the insurer from you.

Annual Property Checkup

interior of broken down house

Ron Alford wearing telephone headset Every property owner should get an annual check up on their property much like they do with their personal health.

Deciding to take these kinds of pro-active, preventative measures will be very cost efficient over time. In almost all cases, these prevention checkup tours uncover hard-dollar savings for the owners, such as ways to reduce energy costs, insurance premiums, etc.

Ron Alford

Educated people get annual medical check ups to AVOID serious problems, and to reduce the surprise of medical problems. We even have our cars inspected once a year for safety! Doesn’t it make the same sense to have your most valuable possessions checked as well?

This provides the property owner with a good start on a realistic contingency plan as well as being able to enjoy the property and avoid all sorts of emergency service needs that cost a fortune, and always happen at the most inconvenient time!

Since 1985, Disaster Masters® has been providing organizations and corporations in the New York Metro area with pro-active crisis management consulting and Disaster Prevention Check Ups™. Recently they have created a residential property division for property owners.

This service is extremely valuable for two-income families, and those whose time is worth more than $300.00 per day. Especially seasonal property owners and landlords who do not have daily contact with their property.

We understand the problems that are associated with seasonal and income property because we have helped thousands of owners recover from disasters and mishaps over the last 30 years.

With this new residential service, now absentee property owners, investors and landlords can avoid having to endure the pain of emergencies and focus on the benefits and the pleasures they want from their investments.

Contact me now to protect your property.

Ron Alford

Personal Coaching Services

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Personal success specifically depends on how focused you are and if you have supporters or distracters around you.

Much too often, the closest people to you will be your worst enemy when comes to you fulfilling your dreams.

Do not allow your dreams of success to turn into a nightmare or failure. You need the proper input and a support system. You can do anything within reason when you have the right support and a specific PLAN.

Every successful entertainer, actor, business owner, athlete, executive, speaker, trainer, has had some form of personal coaching services during their rise to success and you should too!

Contact me now, to get your life or business on the track to success.

Ron Alford

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Hoarding is Hazardous to Your Health

Are you afraid to throw out stuff, that you never use?

You have disposophobia. Ron Alford invented this word in 1980.

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Insurance Claims

Ron Alford managed over 13,000 insurance claims.

Ron Alford is an internationally recognized expert in disaster prevention and management, property insurance claims and the restoration industry.

Alford knows the facts. He shares them with the public through his work and books.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ron Alford

Award winning Insurance sales 1966: Top 5%
Ballroom Dance Teacher: Fred Astaire, Treasure Island, Florida
Registered Director Concord Carpet Mills
Private Pilot Safari Aviation Student sales
Contractor of the Year NYC
Founder 1-800-The-Claim 1985
Founder 1-800-The-Plan 1995
Invented Disposophobia 1990
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Practices Neuro Linguistic Programming